The Challenge

In 2017, Anders Automotive and Yorkie’s Foreign Car Service joined forces to offer the best of foreign and domestic car repair in the Kansas City area. Yorkie’s, a 50+ year old business, is well known within the community. Upon merging, Anders Automotive didn’t want to lose the reputation that Yorkie’s had built.

Naturally, much of their business was acquired through the Yorkie’s name. How were they going to grow Anders Automotive without slowing the critical funnel of business coming from Yorkie’s? Let’s not forget that Anders Automotive’s original website was built on Wix and was not driving much traffic. On top of all of this, Anders Automotive had no online reviews at all.

Our job was clear, carefully merge the two businesses into one, boost their online visibility and make Anders Automotive look good while doing it.

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The Solution

Tekkii built a new WordPress website for Anders Automotive to kick things off. Immediately afterwards, we created a new Google My Business listing for Anders Automotive, and linked the existing Yorkie’s Foreign Car Service Google listing to the new website.

From this move, we instantly started generating good traffic to the new website, and in particular a specific Yorkie’s Foreign Car page on the new Anders website. This transition was smooth, as it wasn’t long before the site was ranking #1 for ‘foreign car repair kansas city’.

After their website was built, we began the SEO process and traffic began to increase. We produced more content, photos and video as the number of visitors to the website increased.

More leads and business came in for Anders Automotive roughly 6 months after we began the campaign. roughly a year later, they had to build an expansion onto their building to be able to work on more cars at one time! The calls were coming in and continued to increase as the months went by.

After working with Anders Automotive for 2 years, we had produced plenty of page 1 keyword rankings through strategic blogging and implementing best local SEO practices for their industry. Google even recommends one of Anders Automotive’s blog posts as a definitive answer to the question, “how long does it take to fix a transmission”?

Go ahead and Google that phrase for yourself. If it’s removed by the time you’re reading this, here is a screenshot:

The Results


More Visitors from Google

When comparing when we started our relationship in January 2018 to July 2020.


More website Leads

From 3 website leads per month to an average of 22. This doesn’t phone call or word of mouth leads.


Business generated

This is only counting phone calls and form leads that we identified as coming directly from Google.

Data from SEMRush

google analytics

Data from Google Analytics

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