The Challenge

Before joining the Tekkii family in March of 2019 Lutz Plumbing had a number of critical SEO issues on their website that hindered their search engine performance and held back their business from bringing in more leads from the internet.

While they understood that leads were coming from the internet, Lutz Plumbing need clear transparency on what leads were actually being generated from their monthly SEO investment. Additionally, Lutz Plumbing needed to know how to act on the data that was being reported to them from their previous company.

Most importantly, Lutz Plumbing wanted to deliver a better online experience for their customers. The imagined customers being able to request service through their scheduling software, deliver a fast mobile friendly website and put the values they’ve maintained for over 100 years at the forefront of their online presence. Lutz Plumbing hired Tekkii to help them reach these goals and we got to work right away.

lutz plumbing toilet diagram

The Solution

In March 2019, we began modifying their website to fix a number of SEO issues, most of which are commonly overlooked. We knew that one of the first low hanging fruits their business could grab was getting their website to better communicate with search engines by fixing these issues quickly and effectively.

Next, we immediately set up lead tracking tracking on their website, content creation and other important off-site SEO strategies. It wasn’t long before traffic began to increase so did the leads. We capitalized on this opportunity and helped produce a video celebrating their 100 year anniversary as a business:

In the Summer of 2019, we saw an increase in leads and phone calls as the result of our optimizations. This remained steady through the Fall 2019 season, growing slightly as time went on. However, we knew there was still more that could be done to generate more business for Lutz Plumbing online.

This led to the move that would give them their greatest online boost; a new, fast, user friendly website designed to drive leads with their brand at the forefront. Launched in 2020, Lutz Plumbing’s new website was the seed that would turn into a garden that keeps on bearing fruits.

The Results


Phone Calls per Month

Between their website and Google. This doesn’t include calls from Google Ads, social media, or other mediums.


Increased Website Visitors

From search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.


Year High

Some of their biggest revenue months in two years happened in Summer 2020.

Data from SEMRush

lutz google analytics

Data from Google Analytics

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