We can help you with the various services you need to be more successful with the web.

Web Design

Your website is the foundation for your online presence. Tekkii websites are designed and built to load fast, boost your brand’s impression and turn more visitors into leads. All of our sites are SEO-ready from the start.

Local SEO

When done correctly, SEO will help you generate consistent, qualified leads and grow your business long term. Tekkii can help your website rank for more keywords and boost your visibility in search engines like Google.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising puts you at the top of the search results and in front of more customers right away. Tekkii helps you get the most our of your PPC campaigns by targeting your audience and ideal keywords.

Social Media

Staying active on social media gives your business more opportunities to make an impression on your local community. Tekkii helps you stay consistent and can launch engaging ads to improve your overall strategy.

Lead Tracking

We capture every phone call and form submission on your website so you know in who is engaging with your business, where they came from and who turned into customers. This is available to you in real-time.

Web Development

When you need a more advanced website or application, Tekkii’s web development services can help you. We utilize popular website languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and more.

Video Production

A website without video is like a storefront without someone to welcome new customers. If you don’t have the time or resources, we help you get incredible content that conveys your message clearly.

Website Chat

Make it easier than ever for customers to engage with your business using website chat functionality. Tekkii can install a chat that greets visitors, captures more leads and saves the conversation for your sales reps.

Reporting / Consulting

Our live reports show you insights into what’s working in real time. Tekkii can help build, read and interpret custom reports with website stats that matter to you the most, helping you make data-driven marketing decisions.

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