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We build web based assets that generate leads, optimize workflows, measure critical data and deliver results that boost business for our clients. This is achieved through effective web design, digital marketing and custom web development by our local team in Kansas City. We speak web that translates into business. Pleased to meet you…well digitally that is.

Fast, Responsive Web Design

Customers want to find what they need on your website as quickly as possible. Deliver a great website experience and you’ll be serving them before they even engage with your business.

A website built with intentional structure, design and navigation means a strong impression for your brand regardless of if it’s viewed on desktop or mobile devices.

Our Web Design
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Search Engine Optimization

With SEO, you’re putting your website in front of the right customers in places they are most likely to find you online, the search engines! Getting the most out of SEO goes beyond just Google and involves a full ecosystem of processes working together for your brand.

Once your foundation is set, your SEO strategy should adapt to the insightful data that it brings to your business. When done properly, you’ll experience more phone calls, leads and sales on a consistent basis. Let your online presence do the marketing for you!

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Custom Web Development

Web development is about the way your website functions beneath the surface of how it looks. When you need specific functionality to streamline your processes or just create a unique user experience, custom web development is a great option for you.

Increase the efficiency of your business with custom web based applications built around your operations. You may be surprised at what web can do.

Our Web Development
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What Clients Say

“The team at Tekkii took fantastic care of me. From our first sitdown meeting all the way through building my website I have had nothing but the best experience. Since my website has been completed I’ve been able to take my business to a new level. I’ve always been able to call the team if I ever had questions or concerns and they jumped right on taking care of the problem. I refer everyone I know who needs a website and I highly recommend their services!”


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