Who is Tekkii?

We empower entrepreneurship and grow businesses using the power of digital marketing.

Tekkii is as passionate about the web as it is about helping businesses succeed online. Since 2015, we’ve helped businesses transform their online presence and achieve measurable results. Your website is an asset that should be a primary marketing tool, your best salesperson and provide continuous value to both your business and your customers.

Using practical insights in website design, search engine optimization and digital marketing, Tekkii aims to make the understanding the web as “to the point” as possible. After getting to know your business, we team up with you to make really cool stuff happen with your brand online.

Photos will go here soon…

We haven’t taken photos of ourselves yet, but yes we are real and our office is based in Lenexa, Kansas. That being said, we’re way more obsessed with our client’s websites more than our own. In fact, we’re obsessed with our clients in general, regularly communicating and meeting with them month over month. But…we still need to get our photos on here…

Tekkii doesn’t just think, but knows that the power of the web will take your business to new heights. We’d love an opportunity to show you how you can increase your visibility, attract new customers and create a process for automating parts of your business. Yes, your website can do all of this and then some.

We speak web so you don’t have to. Ready to take the first step towards online success?

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