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Tekkii builds lead focused websites designed to display your brand, deliver your message and boost your revenue.

Websites Designed to Boost Your Revenue

Your website the modern day storefront for your business, it promotes you 24 / 7 and is often the first interaction potential customers have with your brand.

A successful website goes beyond displaying information alone. Your website should be designed to appeal to your customers, be easy to use and turn visitors into paying customers.

At Tekkii, we empower local businesses with the website they need to accomplish the goals above, boost their revenue and identify new opportunities for growth.

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What’s Included in Tekkii’s Web Design Services?

Mobile Friendly

With people spending more and more time on their phones, your website must always look great and entice visitors to call or request service no matter what device they are using to view it.

SEO Ready

Roughly 90% of websites get no organic visitors from search engines. Your website must be built with search engine optimization in mind to help your chances of being in the 10%.

Lead Focused

Even the most beautiful website design can have trouble getting its visitors to turn into customers. Your website must be easy for visitors to use, navigate and understand your brand’s message.

High Quality Visuals

The visuals on your website are its most engaging design elements. Photography and videography are essential for establishing trust among your website visitors and engaging potential customers.

Website Copywriting

We can create new, or optimize your existing content to inform your visitors, answer their questions and keep them moving around your website on the path to being a customer.

Optimized for Speed

Customers want to find the information they need on your website as quickly as possible. Having a fast website helps your customers and the search engines will reward you for it.

Our Web Design Portfolio

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What Can Professional Web Design Services Do for You?

Having a professionally designed website is important and can bring tremendous value to your business:

  • Deliver a better impression and visitor experience
  • Rank higher in search engines
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Be more competitive in your market
  • Measure ROI from online business efforts

Overall, your new website will be a powerful marketing asset that drives sales and revenue for your business around the clock.

How Are Our Websites Built?

Tekkii closely follows a process that is five years in the making. A successful website is achieved through discovery, creativity, practicality, implementation and follow through.

1. Meeting & Analysis

The first thing we do is meet with you with a goal of answering perhaps the most important question. What is your website’s ultimate goal?

We help to identify this by learning more about your business, your customers, the problem you solve for them and why your solution is the best to solve it.

2. Planning & Design

This involves taking the information we discussed and formulating a plan towards success. Here, we develop a sitemap, the website structure, features, platforms and any third party integrations.

Once this plan is approved by you, we put together a design to give you a visual representation of what this plan will look like. You of course will give us the greenlight on whether to move forward or revise this design.

photography videography content

3. Content Acquisition

Now that we have a great design in place, it’s time to populate it with great content. This is where pages are written, photos are taken, video is captured and graphics are designed.

Our team will arrange and produce the content we are assigned to. We’re sure to schedule and coordinate with you where appropriate.

4. Site Development

Now comes the fun part. This is where we begin developing your website according to the approved design and content. Your website starts to come to life as we add your photos, images, videos, logo, services, business information and more.

After site development, you will have a functioning website, however, there are still a few more steps we need to take.

5. Testing & Tweaking

We test your website to make sure it functions as it should. This includes browser testing, mobile friendliness, checking for correct links, form recipients and more.

Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that the website fulfills its purpose with what is put together. If there are any issues with the site’s functionality, we’re sure to document and revise accordingly.

6. Website Launch

You did it! Now that your website is live, that doesn’t necessarily mean the journey is over. Your website is a dynamic marketing tool that will need a lot of attention to bring you continued growth over time.

Tekkii helps you with monitoring, maintenance, bug fixes, website tweaks and more to ensure your website is performing at its best and continuing keep your visitors informed with the latest updates and messaging from your business.

testing the website
live seo analytics reporting

7. Continued Growth

When you choose Tekkii, your website will be designed with the goal of turning visitors into customers. Maximize the value of your website with search engine optimization to make more of those visitors find you organically in the search engines.

Pair SEO with custom Analytics and Reporting to create a formula for identifying growth opportunities in your business. When you start to gather the right data about your users, leads, phone calls or otherwise, you unlock insights that could lead to making better business decisions.

Our ultimate goal in building your website is to help you discover, optimize and act upon your new growth opportunities on the web.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, you will own the website after you pay the full amount of the payment term. From here, we give you everything you need to do with the website as you please, or you can continue to have us manage it.

For the pricing listed above, we use a platform called Duda. For more custom and advanced websites needing more functionality, we use WordPress or even code from scratch. WordPress pricing is not represented above.

You have an option to pay off your website 12 monthly installments after the initial setup fee is paid. Website payment plans can be paid off anytime during the term. Alternatively, you’re able to pay the upfront cost if you’d prefer to not have payments.

Our websites take roughly 30 – 45 days to complete. The timeline varies based on project size, feedback and communication.

We host the websites built in Duda but we do not purchase or acquire the domain name unless otherwise agreed. For WordPress and custom development projects, we do not provide the hosting.
We strive to have custom photography taken with each website project whenever possible, and each package includes a photography session. In situations where we need stock photography, we will do the sourcing.

SEO Ready means that your website will be built according to best SEO practices for website design, rank in the search engines and ready for an SEO campaign.

We allow for 1 monthly update that can include changing images, text or content that you provide. Additional monthly updates can be requested at a quoted price. This does not include design or development updates.
A lot! We will sit down with you for an initial strategy session to get an idea of the website’s goals. During and after the design process, your feedback is crucial to unveiling your final vision.

We will collaborate with you on developing the content for the website. You are the expert, so we’ll ask that you provide important information regarding each page on your website. After we have the information, we’ll write optimized pages that will help customers be informed and ultimately convert.

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