The data is in and it’s been here for some time. Video marketing works and this year it’s going to account for 80% of all internet traffic. That’s quite a bit, and it only goes up from there.

In the past, video marketing required more resources and a large budget, putting you on television in your desired time slot. Today video marketing is more accessible than ever and virtually any business can use it right away.

Video is like a Swiss army knife when it comes to a marketable digital asset:

  • It’s extremely convenient for customers
  • It humanizes your brand and improves credibility
  • Video builds instant trust when performed correctly
  • Video receives more engagement on Social Media
  • Great for SEO and time spent on your website
  • Video can increase conversions by up to 80%
  • Your video will continue to engage new users well beyond it’s inception

With smartphones as advanced as they are today, you likely have the video production tool you need right in your pocket. Not to say that fits for every situation, but the point is that it doesn’t take much to start getting video content out there working for your brand.

Let’s take a look at why video marketing and production are a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.

Your Customers Love Video

person watching a youtube video on their phone

Video is the most convenient way to get your brands message across to your audience. Put yourself in the shoes of the average website visitor. Typically someone will arrive to your website via a search engine like Google. In fact, it could be up to 93% of your users.

If your visitors are arriving via a search engine, this means they could be comparing multiple businesses and yours is in the running. What would be the most appealing for a user when deciding on where to spend their money?

a.) A lot of descriptive text describing your service.
b.) Text with images of your services
c.) A quick video explaining everything the customer needs to know

Video is a more digestible way for users to engage with your brand and compliments your website design nicely. It also enhances the perception of your brand and helps build instant trust. Speaking of trust…

Build Trust With Video Marketing

Continuing from what we said above, video marketing will help your brand stand out and build instant trust. Your location, team, service, philosophy and more will all be on display, condensed down into 1 or 2 minute video.

young small business owners in flower shop

A great example of this would be a video produced for a company of emergency plumbers in Kansas City. They are celebrating 100 years in business in 2020. A video placed on their home page highlights their incredible business achievement to both new and existing customers.

Video Production by MattyD Media

Beyond showing the business achievement itself, it shows something much more important. It shows why they’ve been in business for so long.

Another great example comes from a agricultural organization down in Ottawa, KS. They utilized multiple videos to help communicate the variety of products available to their customers by way of virtual product tour.

With a variety of businesses out there all offering similar services, you must show the reason why someone would choose your brand over the others. One of the quickest ways to build trust online is with high quality video production.

Video & Social Media Are The Perfect Pair

If you were to check Facebook, Twitter or Instagram right now, there’s a high chance that you’ll run into a number of videos all attempting to grab your attention.

64% of consumers say that watching a video on social media has influenced a purchasing decision. That’s great news especially considering that videos are the most shared media on social platforms.

When it comes to video for social media, many times you can get away with video shot on your smartphone. These simple videos cost virtually nothing to shoot and only need an idea and your authenticity.

taking video with your mobile smartphone

Great example of videos for social media include what happens behind the scenes of the business, education videos and funny videos involving the staff. You can make these with your smartphone without a large video production budget.

When done correctly, your past and future customers will love seeing your brand’s personality through more personal videos like these.

Web Video Can Improve Your SEO

At surface level, the best way to explain how video will improve your SEO is that it will increase the time users spend on your website and may encourage them to check out your additional pages.

Your website’s accessibility goes up when you include video and search engines love that you are accommodating a wider variety of audiences online. Some people prefer the detail of written text while others enjoy images. When it comes to video, all sides are likely to enjoy a well crafted video that answers their questions.

video production for small business brands

If you’re using YouTube, a Google owned entity and the #2 website on the internet, your chances of being found go up quite a bit. The competition for video is relatively low because many businesses are not producing them at all, or are not doing so consistently.

Google also loves to show YouTube results in their online searches. This means you potentially have a higher chance of showing up in the results for relevant keywords. We touch on this in our Quick Tips for Local SEO article.

I highly suggest releasing videos that answer common questions in your industry and serve as how-to guides. This can be paired with a blog post for a highly sharable piece of content to raise the authority of your brand.

Video Will Continue To Work For Your Brand

man with camera for video production

The effects of your video will continue to work long after you’ve first produced it. Visitors will continually engage with your video, get answers to their problems and gain exposure to your brand without you needing to manually do so.

Every time someone visits your website, finds you on social media or happens to find you on YouTube, they will see your brand’s personality on full display in a more effective way than what text or images could do alone.

Every brand should produce video content as soon as they can. Your first video may not be perfect, maybe your 2nd or 3rd won’t be either. However, the purpose is to get the videos out there and be consistent. Over time, video marketing will work wonders for your brand.

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